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gnoMint 0.5.3 released

I'm pleased to announce the 0.5.3 version of gnoMint: a graphical X.509 Certification Authority management tool.

This version adds adds some features:

  • Initial Czech translation. Thanks to Staněk Luboš.
  • Now, when exporting certificates, the full certification path is exported and saved, so it is easier to make several programs to validate gnoMint-generated certificates.
  • Now, gnoMint is able to generate a PKCS#3 file with Diffie-Hellman parameters.

There are also several fixes:

  • The lists are now well-ordered (again) when there are more than 10 certificates issued by the same CA.
  • The problem while generating DSA CSRs is now fixed.
  • Applying patches for fixing i18n, and autotools misconfigurations. Thanks to Staněk Luboš.