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In this page you will find documents and resources about how to use gnoMint.

  • gnoMint tutorial.
    In this document you will learn to use gnoMint, while setting up a Certification Authority for a little firm, and establish a VPN between the firm headquarters and two different servers hosted in two distinct remote datacenters, using OpenVPN. (Work in progress).
    This tutorial has been translated to Russian by Alisa Bagrii from Everycloud. You can read the Russian version here.
  • Video basic tutorial.
    Jaroslav Imrich has been working on an article about OpenVPN for one Slovak Linux website. He used gnoMint as certificate authority and issued certificates for OpenVPN server and two clients. First he wanted to describe process with screenshots but then he came up with an idea of video tutorial. Using the upper link you can watch the result. The "subtitle" feature of youtube is used. Subtitles are available in English and Slovak so you have to turn them on in the lower right corner of the video area. Thank you, Jaroslav!

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