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gnoMint 0.5.4 released

Keeping the work in progress after the new 0.6.0 version, I'm pleased to announce the 0.5.4 version of gnoMint: a graphical X.509 Certification Authority management tool. This version adds adds some features:

  • Now it is possible to generate CRLs for all the CAs in the hierarchy, not only the first root CA.
  • Now, the dependences between certificate uses and certificate purposes are enforced.
  • Now, the CA used for inheriting fields while creating a CSR is remembered, so it is the default selected CA while signing it.
  • Just created files now in 0600 mode, so only owner car read them.
  • gnoMint now can compile with much stricter compiler parameters (not enabled by default).
  • A lot of autotools cleaning, thanks to Stanek Lubos <>
  • Now, certificates (CA and non-CA) can be imported from external files.
  • Added Swedish translation, thanks to collaborators.

There are also several fixes:

  • Expired certificates appear only in the first CRL released after the expiration date, according to RFC 5280 (page 13).
  • Subject and issuer key id are properly set, according to RFC 5280
  • Fixing segmentation fault when the CSR or the CA certificates have NULL fields.
  • Fixing problem: only the first certificate in database could sign CSRs in password-protected databases.
  • Fixing problem: now expiration time is properly set (there was a problem related with the difference between UTC and localtime).
  • Some other segmentation faults are fixed too.

You can get the tarball from sourceforge mirrors: