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gnoMint 1.1.0, aka "Against the tide of bit-rot", released

I'm pleased to announce the version 1.1.0, also known as "Against the tide of bit-rot", of gnoMint: a graphical X.509 Certification Authority management tool. This version includes some bug fixes and improvements over the 1.0.0 version:

  • gnoMint interface generation now uses GtkBuilder instead of Libglade (so it requires GTK+ 2.12 or newer).
  • Correcting bug affecting Slackware systems.
  • Correcting compile bug affecting RedHat and CentOS 5 systems.
  • Correcting Debian bug #554669: gnoMint now should compile perfectly using binutils-gold.
  • Correcting bug that affected showpolicy command in gnomint-cli
  • Fixed some problems that affected databases with different certificates with the same DN.
  • Added Catalan translation. Updating all translations from Launchpad.  

You can get the tarball from sourceforge mirrors: